High in the Sky and Down to the Ground

No project is too big or small for All American Pest Control. We soared through sky in a cherry picker to address bats in an 80 ft. tall chimney!

How high is too high?
We regularly get phone calls from major pest control companies when a job is too high for them to handle. Instead of having them outsource the work to us, just call us direct!

We are Animal-Proofing Experts

It's not just about removing the animals from your home and property, we also make sure that they don't have a way to get back in. Our animal-proofing services all throughout New Jersey are a great way to ensure that raccoons, squirrels, and other critters stay out.

We Build Elaborate Squirrel Tunnel Systems

What's the best way to get squirrels out of your home? We've developed a method of squirrel tunnel systems that feature exit tunnels. Squirrels follow them out of your home and we keep them out for good.

Before & After: Bat Cleanup Project

Most people don't realize how much of a mess having a bat in your home can be. Removing bats from homes in NJ and NY is only part of the job. Then, we have to clean up the mess the bats make. Check out this intense before photo (left) and the photos on the right after the job was cleaned up.