Bat Removal

Most people think that if they see one bat in their home or business that it is a lone bat. Upon inspection it will most often turn out that they have many bats living in the attic, walls, or other locations.

If you have a bat problem in Central New Jersey or if you have bats in Northern New Jersey, All American Pest Control can help.

We can do a bat inspection for you and help you to remove bats from your home and business.. Don’t risk getting bitten by a bat. All American Pest Control, LLC has the proper tools and the training to handle your bat problem whether it is one bat or elimination and exclusion of many bats in the case of a bat infestation.

Once you have bats in your attic or other locations in your home or business things can become even worse. Bats will quickly contaminate your attic, insulation, and walls, with disease producing guano (bat droppings).

In addition to this, bats are also known to be the number one cause of rabies in humans. Many people are not even aware they have been bitten. This is particularly true of young children and animals.

Bats are a common nuisance animal in and around NJ and NY and the tri-state area.

All American Pest Control, LLC can help with the elimination of bat problems in your basement, attic, crawl space, shed, or other locations.

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Protect your family and home by having the bats eradicated as soon as possible.